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IASG Who Are We?  Promoting Clinical Excellence Through Training & Regulation Empty IASG Who Are We? Promoting Clinical Excellence Through Training & Regulation

on Tue May 15, 2018 9:02 pm
IASG Promoting Clinical Excellence Through Training & Regulation

The basis and most fundamental provision of care within the UK is our NHS. This remarkable and capable service has been assisting people in need of medical help for years and is arguably the best in the world at it. But as times move on and budgets become smaller sectors of the service have undergone massive change to respond to the constrains and challenges of today's United Kingdom

IASG Who Are We?  Promoting Clinical Excellence Through Training & Regulation Downlo10

As we move forward within this new era comes with it the need for privatisation and reliance on independent sectors. The issue with this of course is "Standards"

Within Pre-hospital Care there are only 3 regulated titles that are protected under law these are.

Paramedic - Registered and approved by the Health Care Professional Council (HCPC)

Nurse - Registered and approved by the Nursing And Midwifery Council (NMC)

Doctor - Registered and approved by the General Medical Council (GMC)

Outside of this are a number of clinical grades, and examples of this are

First Aider's
First Responder's
Emergency Care Assistants
First Response Emergency Care
Emergency Medical Technicians
Ambulance Technicians
Ambulance Technicians Enhanced

Although there is nothing wrong with this and in fact is a very necessary set of skills within the Pre-Hospital Care Sector. The issue is that with no formal regulation of standards this allows open interpretation creating a very large gap of skills from one provider to another. At present a basic first aider with little or no training can call themselves a "Medic" or "EMT" as there is no protection on these titles, however if you were unlucky enough to require extended medical treatment by such personnel expecting them to be to an EMT level you would find that this would be practabily impossible.
Now its worth saying that such persons provide a vital role within the independent sector, but we all need to play our part in raising patient care standards throughout this industry moving forward with transparent values.


1. To Provide a cost effective framework of learning and development for non registered health care providers open to all.
2. To Regulate and accredit a set of standard clinical grades within the group
3. To Audit clinical staff including enhanced barring and disclosure checks
4. To provide Pin Numbers and hold a database of registered clinicians that can be checked against online.
5. To Promote discussion and raise standards within the independent Pre-Hospital Care Provider sector.
6. To increase confidence within the independent Pre-Hospital Care sector.
7. To increase clinical skills and competencies within the independent Pre-Hospital Care sector
8. To promote co company standards and working partnerships to drive for a more rounded service within the UK
9.  Lobby for change in legislation within the UK to create a standard set of core values and competencies.
10. Provide and operate a dedicated clinical advice service for registered members

Membership Benefits

As a member you will have access to our training courses and CPD events and will be regulated as a provider once we have validated your status.
Validated members will receive a photographic ID card with their stated clinical grade and this will be listed in our online checkable database.
you will be able to post and take part in online discussions and will form part of the community able to offer or sign up for other members job offers or working opportunities.
Furthermore you will be part of the movement to provide better and more skilled clinical care within the independent care sector.

Cost Of Membership

Cost of membership is £4.99 Per month and this is to support the training and development costs of the site.
This includes your ID card provided for free once validation has been completed.along with full site access and CPD support.

If you would like further information please feel free to send a PM or email forumadmin@nwems.co.uk
Alternatively you can sign up here
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